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Stuart Arends


International-renowned & collected New Mexico painter Stuart Arends struggles with interpretation.

“I was really frustrated in my studio practice for years, of not knowing what to paint. I was trying to make a mark that would stand…a mark without being open to interpretation… and that’s really, really hard to do.”



Who is Dangerdust? This mysterious duo is creating elaborate chalk designs.

“We’re an anonymous duo of chalk artists, and every week we create a new chalkboard, and after that week is over, we come back and erase it and do another one.”

Jenny Fine


Artist Jenny Fine is using old photographs of her grandmother to explore the stories that live on.

“Now, I can look back and say that my collaboration with her started, really, at a really young age. So, when we she died, I really felt like I wanted to extend that space of creating and that’s a space of possibility. Because, in a way, she made things really comfortable for me.”

Justin Majeczky


Time-lapse photographer Justin Majeczky helps us see the world in a whole new way.

“You have to pretty much do as much pre-production as you do shooting. So, equal time. 50/50. Knowing where you’re going, why you’re going there, and what time of the day you’re going.”