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Airs Friday March 7, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Peter Sarkisian


Santa Fe’s Peter Sarkisian sees video as a new medium for art making.

“Essentially what I’m doing with video is I’m trying to transform an experience-killing medium. Video itself does away with the experience, it replaces it with information and there’s a lot of value in that information but it’s not enough.”

Michael Cina


Graphic designer Michael Cina fuels his commercial work with abstract paintings.

“I’ll take something and I’ll scan it in and use it as a background layer or I’ll just manipulate it into something completely different. That has really crept into my design work and my process.”

The Beauty Box by Robert Hodge & Philip Pyle


Two Houston artists construct an ode to the forgotten era of mom-and-pop shops.

“We recreated our grandmother’s living room and put it outside.”

Nick Cave


Using masks and movement in a multi-sensory, immersive installation, Nick Cave takes visitors on a journey through his imagination.

“Here we’re talking a lot about masquerades so here we’re hiding race, gender, class so you are forced to look at the objects without judgment.”

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