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Airs Saturday, March 5 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Nina Elder

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Santa Fe’s Nina Elder examines the visual evidence of land use in the American West. She explores the delineation between land and landscape, beauty and banality.

“I hope that people start understanding a little bit more that we are all part of larger systems, and that every dollar we spend and every bite of food we eat, and every mile we drive in our car is connecting us to other things.”

Also on the program:

Teacher Erin Gruwell used writing to change the lives of many.
“When we started writing, Ms. Gruwell kept telling us it was important for us to tell our own story. I never truly understood that, because I always thought that my story had already been told.”

Cuban-born Wilfredo Lam draws inspiration from his multicultural heritage, world travels, and the artistic movements of his time.
“Lam has in the past been maybe pigeon-holed as a surrealist or Latin-Americanist. But I think now he is truly staking his claim as one of the great modernists of the 20th century.”

Master of funk Zedric Keith Bembry gets his community moving.
“Where the music goes, I go. Or whatever I feel, I take it out. I don’t put a limit on what it is. So urban funk is a variety of dances pushed in one, but the main part is like the soul in the street is the platform.”