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Nanibah Chacon, Alec Soth, PlatteForum

Airs Saturday, March 19 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Nanibah Chacon

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Artist Nanibah Chacon honors Albuquerque’s Wells Park neighborhood with a mural on the Harwood Art Center.

“I wanted to take these tattoos of people around Albuquerque and put them on this building, to show that this building has sustained a life.”

Also on the program:

Striving to minimize environmental impact, two friends developed an alternate power source for making wooden eyeglasses.
“We have a giant exercise bike with a ninety-pound flywheel – and one of us gets on it and pedals like crazy, and the other one operates the tool.”

Inspired by documentary photography of the 1930s, internationally recognized photographer Alec Soth traveled today’s America.
“I want people to be confused and maybe a little startled by the pictures. In that sense, it’s almost like they’re on the trip. They’re having this encounter. And they have to sort it out themselves.”

The Denver-based nonprofit PlatteForum wants to challenge people about the role of art in society.
“Art is like a universal language. It allows us to communicate with each other without having to know everything about each other.”