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Airs Friday March 14, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

David Muench


New Mexico landscape photographer David Muench captures the timeless moment.

“It’s the journey. You find the magic and mystery in a place by letting it talk to you and just letting it happen.”

Daniel Bernard Roumain


Haitian composer Daniel Bernard Roumain’s “En Masse” explores social perspectives.

“And I think that as a black composer it is actually my responsibility and obligation to seek out those voices that are not necessarily seen or heard and put them on the stage right next to me.”

Tim Jaeger


Painter Tim Jaeger emphasizes the role of visual art within the community.

“They don’t have to get it on the level that I get it, but they can walk away with something memorable.”

Joshua Seftel


Joshua Seftel, director of the documentary film, “Annie: It’s the Hard-Knock Life, From Script to Stage,” shares his experience from script to stage.

“One of my favorite things about the film is that the people, the key creative people, like the choreographer and the set designer – when they needed to make big decisions, they looked to their little kids for the answers.”