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Magennis, Beverley

“Born in Toronto, Canada, ceramic sculptor and mosaic artist Beverley Magennis Lowney (1942- ) gained her AOCA from the Ontario College of Art in her home town in 1964. She moved to the United States to attain an MA in Ceramics from the Claremont Graduate School and University Center in California in 1968. After Don Anderson bought two of her ceramic pieces from a gallery in North Carolina in 1974, Beverley applied for the RAiR program and remained in New Mexico. She transformed her house in Albuquerque into a mosaic landmark. The ‘Tile House’ which comprises internal and external mosaics and is registered as a state cultural property. She solo-exhibited at the BFM Gallery in New York City and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe. Her work is in the Albuquerque Museum. Late in her life, Beverley started writing stories set in the rural Southwest; her first novel ‘Alibi Creek’ was published in 2016.” – The RAiR Foundation

Episode: The Tile House