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Ludlow, Devon

“Devon Hawkes Ludlow is a puppeteer, director, writer and composer. Originally a dancer, Devon began studying puppetry with Emmy-award winner Tim Giugni, later studying with various puppetry ensembles in Bulgaria and later in Brazil. He worked as part of the downtown NYC theatre scene, performing with 00’s indie darling Jollyship the Whizbang and was co-organizer and founder of the NYC International Clown Theatre Festival, along the way working with artists such as Julie Taymor (Lion King, Across The Universe) and Michael McCormick (Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Return of the Jedi). He has worked as a guest artist, puppeteer and performer with artistic sensation Meow Wolf, creating original installations and performances. He is the driving force behind Human Beast Box and the episodic musical puppet series ‘The Love That Would Not Die’.” – FilmFreeway

Episode: Anarchy and Puppetry, Devon Ludlow