Jason Garcia, The Missing Peace Art Space, Dance – the Next Generation

Airs Saturday, June 18 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Jason Garcia


Tewa artist Jason Garcia (Santa Clara) combines traditional Pueblo art forms with pop culture.

“What fuels my work is looking at documenting the ever-changing cultural landscape of Santa Clara, my Pueblo.”

Also on the program:

The Missing Peace Art Space focuses on projects that bring diverse communities together.

“If you can sit with a pile of materials and begin to use your own memories to create something for someone else to see, there’s a power in that expression that is beyond words.”

“Dance – the Next Generation”is a 10-year program which gives students a chance to achieve their dreams.

“Art is a great form of being able to bring something out in people. You have different doors that you can open, which might give that release to make them be able to be more secure in life.”

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