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Airs Saturday July 18, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Pablita Velarde

Overcoming all odds, Santa Clara Pueblo artist Pablita Velarde was true to herself and became a painter.

“Oh, Pablita had courage.”

Also on the program:

Geeta Dave

East Indian artist Geeta Dave shares how the path of life inspires her work.

“It’s a wonderful thing to go back and see where you were and what you are becoming today and what was your journey of life.”

Norman Rockwell

Artist Norman Rockwell introduced the light bulb to American life.

“I think the appeal of Norman Rockwell to the average reader and to Americans today is that he really loved people and he took the time to see.”

Ken Burns

Renowned filmmaker Ken Burns has more than 30 documentaries to his credit.

“In art, there’s a kind of sense of the imparting of something that we can share. And it’s a distillation and a way of seeing, of framing these chaotic events. And so you’re, basically, taking love and moving it from one person to another.”