Axle Contemporary, The Legacy Project, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, Jian Wang

Airs Friday January 31, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Axle Contemporary


New Mexico artists Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel created Axle Contemporary using an aluminum service truck. They play with the idea of where and how art can be shown.

“The idea is to promote experimentation in the arts. Maybe more importantly is to bring art to people who may not normally experience art.”

The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is an exhibit revolving around the Chicano Movement and the art it inspired.

“It’s what connects you, connects you to yourself, and connects you to your community, connects you to everyone around you.”

PUNK:Chaos to Couture


The PUNK:Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art shows how punk high fashion became established.

“I think what’s interesting is there seems to be a disjuncture between the idea of haute couture and punk.”

Jian Wang


Contemporary painter Jian Wang moves quickly across the canvas with thick oil paints and broad brush strokes.

“Each brushstroke is alive. And when people once said Jian’s paintings are never complete, it’s (that it) always gives you a sense of liveliness and it’s like he’s still working on it.”

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