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Airs Saturday, January 23 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Betty Busby

Experimenting with textures, fabrics, dyeing and weaving, Albuquerque fiber artist Betty Busby makes stunning works of art that go beyond traditional quilt making.

“The branching of trees is the same as the branching of vessels in a circulatory system. It’s the same as a river branching off. Those repeated patterns in nature are something I revisit again and again.”

Also on the program:

Photographer A. J. Meek combines New Mexico’s stunning skies with children’s poetry. Meek was the Garrey Carruthers Distinguished Chair in Honors at the University of New Mexico for the 2009 academic year, and has written numerous books. His latest is The Healing Presence; Photographs of the Sky and Children’s Perceptions of Hope, Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, 2014.
Reading: (Light Creatures)
The illuminating presence of the sky
Is what helps us stay alive.
Up above is where they float.
The sky the sea, the clouds a boat. (Ben, age 12)

Award-winning playwright August Wilson chronicles the struggles and joys of African Americans.
“There are issues that one would think we have passed, that we really haven’t. It’s actually his gift to us. To have a look back that he provided theatrically to those things that are contemporary and real in our everyday lives.”

Conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada shares his Colombian roots and his first experience conducting a symphony.
“In the music history class, we use to look at a lot of videos, watch videos from big conductors, Bernstein and Karajan and all of these from the eighties and nineties. And as soon as he would put on the video, I would always start to imitate all these conductors.”