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Air Date Saturday January 20 at 4pm on 5.1
Scott Greene
Bernalillo painter Scott Greene examines the impact humans have on the natural world.

“There’s a lot of artists that will try to eliminate the human element in their landscapes. I kind of go the other way. I’m painting everything people do or throw away and human activity as part of the landscape.”

ARC Industries
ARC Industries empowers individuals with developmental disabilities to work, learn and participate in the community – and an interactive art gallery is a vital part.

Kim David Smith
Stage provocateur Kim David Smith leads us through the production of the classic musical Cabaret.

“Cabaret is, I think, one of the most ephemeral genres of performing. It can be whatever anybody says it is.”

Steve Gompf
Artist Steve Gompf adapts antique materials found at thrift stores into fictional television sets he calls “televisors.”