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Helen Hardin


Santa Clara Pueblo artist Helen Hardin was part of a generation of ground-breaking artists who transformed Native American painting.

“You can just stand in front of one of these paintings and it sort of feels like this would be a vehicle to tele-transport to some incredible spiritual place.”

Andrew Spear

Muralist Andrew Spear turned a doodling habit into bigger-than-life stories.

“If you stifle yourself with just keeping it in your house and not sharing it with people, what’s the point in doing it?”

Amy Kollar Anderson

Painter Amy Kollar Anderson shares familiar narratives that contain elements of the unknown.

“Some people say whimsical, playful, colorful, surreal — they are somewhat of this world but then twisted and somewhat not of this world.”

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation invited artists to respond to our most severe environmental problems.

“Taking the facts of the chemical history of the region, and combining it with a first-person point of view, I think creates a kind of empathy in the viewer that says, “Oh, wow. Maybe I should care about this.”