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Gonzales, Aaron

A group of people ride bicycles down a tree-lined street on a sunny day.

“Gonzales grew up in the lowrider scene. He said about 10 years ago he was watching YouTube and found videos of a bicycle group coasting past grassy fields in the Netherlands. That’s when he “fell in love” with the niche. He said, “They were just all walks of life, older people, younger people, and it was cool.” After a friend in town taught him how to weld, he began building his own bicycles, and has been doing so for about seven years. A month ago, he surpassed 70 frames built. “I never thought that I would be able to fabricate or even design,” he admitted. “It’s a hobby of mine, but it’s my passion.” The bicycles are primarily low to the ground and long, the operation similar to a recumbent bike. Gonzales explained that he will usually transform used bicycles or rides he finds at Walmart into the stretched cruisers. His style has not only been praised around town, but internationally. “In the bike scene, everyone recognizes me as one of the top guys in the world,” he said. “What made me fall in love with this culture is the hospitality and the way people treat you.” Gonzales has made connections with other bicycle builders, artists and enthusiasts outside of New Mexico. Even the Oddfellas has grown nationally, with members in California, Arizona, Texas and Ohio among other states. It’s not just about the amount of riders, however, it takes a village just to create.” – Albuquerque Journal

Episode: Odd Fellas Lowrider Bike Club, Aaron Gonzales