Willy Bo Richardson, The Impressionists, Regional Theater, Jack Ross

Airs Friday February 7, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Willy Bo Richardson


New Mexico painter Willy Bo Richardson shares how discovering real world limitations allows him greater flexibility in the moment.

“What’s beautiful about painting is that it does everything that you want it to in that moment. So you have the materials, you have the artist and you have the action and they are all coming together instantaneously.”

The Impressionists

The Impressionists’ blurred brush strokes shocked the art world in the late 1800’s. Why?

“So, somewhere along the line someone or some people thought that ‘Well, maybe the impressionists were just a bunch of people with near sightedness.’”

Regional Theater

Regional theater productions connect audiences by reflecting the community and its people.

“Regional theater is really an incredible training ground for artists, for actors, for designers, for directors.”

Jack Ross


Jack Ross joins the cast of Downton Abbey; he brings the music and style of the Jazz Age to life. Learn about that era in the Broadway production After Midnight.

“It’s interesting, in approaching the show there were some things in After Midnight that are absolutely period correct.”

7 thoughts on “Willy Bo Richardson, The Impressionists, Regional Theater, Jack Ross

  1. It’s was wonderful to hear Willy Bo Richardson’s thoughts
    about his process. It felt very authentic: how he connects
    that creative process to more cosmic principles.. I’d like
    to see the process in time lapse, watching one his works
    created to completion, from beginning to end.

  2. Yes! I loved it and have it watched it again and again. His painting
    process is just so juicy and yummy. I love the new style (loose brush
    strokes), and the color interactions just blew me away!! Wonderful.
    There is a time lapse of him painting produced by Element Media –
    watch here:

    Willy Bo
    Richardson Studio Portrait</a

  3. I am a student at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and had the great pleasure of studying under Willy last semester and seeing his paintings in real life is beyond words. His changes in technique recently are incredibly intelligent, and still allow so much emotion to show through his work. Simply incredible stuff.

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