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Airs Saturday, February 6 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Richard Hogan

Episode 2204(Richard Hogan)1

Since the 1970s, Richard Hogan has been one of Albuquerque’s most celebrated painters. He sees his paintings as objects, and uses line and color to build spatial tension.

“In a certain sense my work is very simple. It’s visual and I want people to look at it without preconception, without looking for a narrative.”

Also on the program:

Mixed media artist Sherry Hill repurposes materials to create bright, colorful masks.
“The idea of actually putting on a mask to go out to the public, and transforming one’s own identity, really just intrigued me.”

World famous glass sculptor Dale Chihuly incorporates his monumental installation, “Garden Cycle,” into the Denver Botanic Gardens.
“The team will be pushing the scale of the medium, the weight, the color, pretty much anything you can imagine. He’s a genius at inspiring us all to try new things and push beyond boundaries.”

There’s a new concept for game night sparking major buzz — the board-game parlor.
“The majority of our games are this kind of new burgeoning industry. If you haven’t played games in, you know, 10 years, 20 years — the industry has come so far. And there are these really imaginative, beautiful, creative games that are done by artists. They’re done by designers. They’re just magical.”