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Jesus Muñoz


For Albuquerque flamenco artist Jesus Muñoz, the dancer is vital to the music.

“We are music. We have a certain rhythm and if you’re not clear with that rhythm you can’t bring in those musicians, you have to be a musical instrument.”

Giles Clement


Photographer Giles Clement uses the 20th century craft of wet-plate photography to create unique portraits.

“The lens is made in 1849 so it’s a hundred and sixty-four years old and it actually predates web plates, so it was made for daguerreotypes, which is the first real method of photography.”

Nicholas Harper


Nicholas Harper’s vivid Byzantine-inspired portraits are like characters from a dream.

“I attempt to distort the human form in such a way that we don’t take it for granted.”

Philip Roth


Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Philip Roth reflects on his work.

“I had seemed to be having a somewhat unique experience as an American writer.”

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