Michael Berman, Bill Gilbert, Erin Currier

Airs Friday February 27, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Michael Berman


Photographer Michael Berman shows what is beyond the science of ecology by capturing the open spaces of New Mexico’s wilderness.

“And I think art is really a way, and aesthetics is a way… that I can look at the whole and admit I don’t understand.”

Bill Gilbert


New Mexico land artist Bill Gilbert shares his approach.

“It is about thinking about that relationship, your relationship as a human being to the planet as your subject matter, rather than an entirely human discourse.”

Erin Currier


Santa Fe artist Erin Currier transforms trash into works of beauty.

“The trash deities naturally led to a more socio- political work because I began searching for those spiritual principles, but in our day and age.”

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