Only in Albuquerque, Cedric Watson, Edward Steichen, Laura Nugent

Air Date Saturday February 24 at 4pm on 5.1

Only in Albuquerque

Spirited, courageous, resourceful and innovative are just a few ways to describe Albuquerque’s unique history. The Albuquerque Museum’s Deb Slaney celebrates Only in Albuquerque

Cedric Watson

Grammy-nominated, Cedric Watson shares his passion for preserving Louisiana’s traditional Creole folk music.

“The thing that I am really happy and grateful for when it comes to the Grammies is that it lets me know people really did appreciate my art, what I did, and that means a lot to me.”

Edward Steichen

Photographer Edward Steichen is known for capturing the allure and the tensions that defined the 20th century.

Laura Nugent

Wobbly lines, drips… Laura Nugent is committed to exploring the process and ultimately the art of painting.

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