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Air Date: Saturday February 18th at 4pm on 5.1

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Santa Fe-based Kiowa artist Teri Greeves’ beadwork comes from a desire to share universal stories.

“It is my prayer that everything that I make helps me become a better person, to help my children understand something, to be able to communicate what it is to be a 21st century Native person.”

Celebrating the well-crafted pop-soul of Motown, funk and R&B band The Infatuations want to convey a message that speaks to people’s experience.

Specializing in hand-loomed knitwear, fashion designer Andrea Geer creates fun and expressive prints that also make a statement.

Mural painter Hugo Medina works to give a place a soul.

“Art moves people. It motivates them. It stirs emotion. So when you bring those elements into a neighborhood that doesn’t have it, it gives it life. It’s amazing to watch it happen.”

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