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Airs Friday July 4, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Kathy Flynn

Kathy Flynn shares stories of discovering and saving New Mexico’s WPA art treasures.

“It’s just an amazing thing to see these things when you walk into a building, and see the story they’re telling.”

Rebecca Eaton

Rebecca Eaton, executive producer of PBS’ hit series MASTERPIECE, shares how she initially turned down “Downton Abbey.”

EATON: “I must be the luckiest woman in show business because it went around the circle of other American television executives to co-produce and nobody picked it up.
And I woke up and realized…”
PI ROMAN: “What made you wake up?”
EATON: “Maggie Smith.”


THE SIMPSONS animator Tim Decker pushes art students to reach their full potential.

“I want the students to feel their lines. I want them…when they feel the form, they should be able to draw the form. You’re feeling the form with your pencil.”

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was recognized as a great painter, but the other mediums he used reveal a deeper appreciation of the artist’s work.

“In the early drawings, they‘re very precise. But in the late works of art, such as the beautiful monotype of the man and the woman, it’s like a finger painting by a genius.”