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Air Date Saturday December 2nd at 4pm on 5.1
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Archaeoastronomer Anna Sofaer asks, “Why did the Chaco people choose to develop the barren landscape of Chaco Canyon?”

“It’s as though they were joining the earth form, the land form with what they cared so much about in the sky, in the celestial cycles.”

<br class="blank" /><b>XU BING</b>

Chinese artist Xu Bing’s phoenix sculptures take flight in New York City’s St. John the Divine Cathedral.

<br class="blank" /><b>ARMISTEAD MAUPIN</b>

Paying tribute to his African-American heritage, Willis “Bing” Davis sparks dialogue and seeks to build bridges.

“Art, then, becomes a natural ally to human unification if we let it.”

¡COLORES! "Once There Was a House"
¡COLORES! “Once There Was a House”
The three dimensional installation Once There Was a House tells the story of chaos and destruction unleashed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.