Chip Thomas, Colleen McCulla, Kim Matthews, Korean American Youth Performing Artists

Airing Saturday November 5th at 4pm on 5.1
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Chip Thomas and his mural

A clarion call, artist Chip Thomas installs a mural at Albuquerque’s Valle de Oro Wildlife Refuge dedicated to our relationship with nature. 
“It’s all about the process of creating with good intention and love and then just letting that go and it’s the act of creation that in and of itself is healing.”

Montage by Colleen McCulla

Creating a collage every day, Colleen McCulla uses art to find herself after a major health struggle.

Art by Kim Matthews

Silence becomes creative…using meditation, Kim Matthews’ art directs viewers to an inner space.

Korean American dancer

Korean American Youth Performing Artists fuse ballet with traditional Korean dance.
“I want to spread the roots of the beauty of it to everyone so they can appreciate it as well.”

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  1. Kim Matthews on October 10, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Hi there–I was searching for an upcoming exhibition listing and happened to find that you picked up my MNOriginal segment. I’m delighted to be part of Colores. Thanks so much! Best to you from the prairie, Kim Matthews, Minneapolis.

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