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Erin Cone, Jonathan Blaustein, Stuart Arends

Airing Saturday November 26th at 4pm on 5.1

Erin Cone
From ‘Ephemera’ by Erin Cone

Santa Fe painter Erin Cone plays with human gesture and abstracting form…“I think I’m very interested in the composition, and the pure form, and distilling the realism, just as a way to heighten its expressive power.”

Montage by Colleen McCulla

Taos photographer Jonathan Blaustein goes grocery shopping with one dollar…“You know, while I was making the project, I learned that we definitely have a problem in this country, I think, about the affordability of food that is good for you.”

Montage by Colleen McCulla

New Mexico painter Stuart Arends struggles with interpretation...“I was really frustrated in my studio practice for years, of not knowing what to paint. I was trying to make a mark that would stand for a mark, without being open to interpretation, and that’s really, really hard to do.”

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