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New Mexico Veteran Artists Roy Breckenridge, Jim Rogers, Herb Lotz and Kenny Bass, and Filmmaker Eric Christensen

Sleeping During the Day” by Herb Lotz
“Sleeping During the Day” by Herb Lotz

A Special ¡COLORES! program Honoring Veterans Day, with the Entire Show Devoted to Veterans

Saturday November 12 at 4:00pm on Ch. 5.1


Roy Breckenridge • Jim Rogers • Herb Lotz • Kenny Bass • Eric Christensen

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Roy Breckinridge
Vietnam War veteran Roy Breckinridge creating in his New Mexico studio

Herb Lotz
Vietnam War veteran and photographer Herb Lotz
Vietnam War veteran Jim Rogers working in his New Mexico Studio

Searching for Home interview
Iraq veteran Kenny Bass and Director Eric Christensen speak with Hakim Bellamy

Vietnam War veterans Roy Breckinridge and Jim Rogers share how art and the New Mexico Veterans Art Association has made a tremendous difference in their post war lives…Vietnam War veteran Herb Lotz captured a loss of innocence in his photographs…Iraq veteran Kenny Bass shares insights into the traumatic issues veterans face returning home from combat…Director Eric Christensen discusses making his film Searching for Home: Coming Back from War.