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Cedra Wood, Jason Rohlf, Miki Lansdowne, The “Heart Gallery”

Airs Friday September 12, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Cedra Wood


Albuquerque painter Cedra Wood is intrigued if not inspired by the environment. She creates work that is plausible yet seems unrealistic.

Jason Rohlf


Abstract artist Jason Rohlf draws inspiration from navigating his everyday surroundings.

“And I think the way the work looks is that there’s a lot of information coming at you, and then you as a viewer figure out your way to navigate through that space.”

Miki Lansdowne


Urban photographer Miki Lansdowne examines the past and its link to the present day.

“So for me, finding different pieces that are archived in history, it’s my little way of saying hey, don’t forget about the past, this is how we got here today.”

Heart Gallery


The “Heart Gallery” changes lives by capturing the many faces of foster children waiting to be adopted.

“The thought of one of my photographs impacting a child’s life in that way is very humbling.”