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Brandon Maldonado


New Mexico painter Brandon Maldonado sees Halloween and Dia de los Muertos sharing a common theme.

“When we see things dying in Fall, it makes sense that we celebrate death and we affirm that as a part of life.””

Eric Anderson


Photographer Eric Anderson plays with fireŠ daring to capture fantastical creatures.

“One of the things that was the basis for all the anime culture and Comic-Con and all these places is there is a story behind everything.”

Carlito Dalceggio


Fueled by his passion to paint, Carlito Dalceggio seeks a language for the mystery in life.

“I feel the colors are like the words for a writer. I always say it¹s more important than the subject, more important than ideal or vision or philosophy it¹s like for me the colors because they are ones that transmit the emotion and the energy.”

Jason Harrelson


Seeking a more personal sound, Jason Harrelson designs and builds his own trumpets.

“I think art is really nothing more than an expression of really what you are feeling and thinking and what you want to bring into the world.”