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Ramón José López

A National Heritage Fellow, Santa Fe santero Ramón José López shares how his rich heritage influences his artwork.

“The main reason I continue in the traditional methods is because I see a different quality of the artwork.”

Abrahán Garza


Abrahán Garza’s photographs remind us that history is often hiding in plain sight.

“Everyone thinks we knock everything down and put it back up, but a lot of the rich, rich history is still standing.”

Michael Bise


Michael Bise creates intricate, highly personal drawings that trace the narrative of his life, touching on themes of family, love, loss, and hope.

“The things that I try to deal with in my work are those very essential things.”

Lee Kogan

American Folk Art Museum curator Lee Kogan takes us inside the exhibit of tinsel paintings, a women’s art form in the 1850’s to 1890’s which harks back to a Renaissance art form of reverse painting on glass.

“They were displayed in the dining room and parlor, in their time, and glowed in candlelight and later gaslight.”