Nicolai Fechin, Nick Abdalla, Lea Anderson

Airs Saturday August 27, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Nicolai Fechin

Join us for a special look at the life, work, and beautiful home of Russian painter Nicolai Fechin, now the site of the Taos Art Museum. Fechin left the Beaux Arts tradition of elaborate historical paintings to explore the importance of each face and each expression.

“I think getting to the soul of the person and the more interesting the face the more he was drawn to it.”

Nick Abdalla

Long time Albuquerque artist Nick Abdalla finds that process is the most important.

“I’ve learned how to play again.”

Lea Anderson

Albuquerque artist Lea Anderson sees biological patterns as a world of ideas.

“I’m so curious about how that world beyond the scientific world exists because we sense that it’s there but we can’t necessarily prove it’s there.”

COLORES New Mexico Episode 208

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