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Airs Saturday August 15, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Howard Schleeter

Almost lost to time, Albuquerque painter Howard Schleeter was one of New Mexico’s most renowned artists.

“What the average person would not consider a great thing to paint, he would paint it and turn it into something special.”

Also on the program:

Musician Antsy McClain brings rockabilly sound and style to folk music.

“We call the style of music we play “folkabily,” because it’s storytelling and often humorous, self-deprecating stories about my foibles in life. And then we set it to music.”

Louisiana pop artist George Rodrigue found subject matter close to home.

“He wanted to tell the story of who the Cajuns were. He realized how unique we were here in Louisiana and South Louisiana and he wanted the world to understand that.”

Sculptor Gary Kandziora is inspired by what is found in scrap heaps and junk yards.

“I make a lot of different subjects because the scrap gives me the idea, and I just go from there.”

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