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Airs Saturday, April 9 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Allan Houser


Chiricahua Apache sculptor, Allan Houser, worked tirelessly to create works that reflected his heritage and spoke to an international audience.

“He was evolving into his own form, of an abstract way of thinking.”

Also on the program:

Addressing memory, familiarity, attachment, love, death, and longing, Cuban Enrique Celaya’s paintings are a way to solve problems and lead to self-discovery.
“I think my trajectory as an artist, has been a trajectory from the inside to the outside of who I am.”

Inspired by hand knotted fishing nets, sculptor Janet Echelman creates an astonishing interplay with nature.
“It’s like the cherry blossoms. They are more beautiful because we know they are only here for a moment.”

What happens when you combine classical symphony musicians with jazz musicians? You get the 442s and music that is hard to define.
“I think we could all say that this group is another facet of our life, where we can pour ourselves into something completely different.”