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Airs Friday April 3, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1



World-renowned violinist Midori gives New Mexicans a special performance. Invited by the Corrales Music in Schools program, she shares her inspirations about music and insights into the importance of music education.

“Music is something that I live with. It is something that has served me as a tool, it is something that has served me to really get to know the world, different cultures, my own culture. It has been a way to bring people together, and it has connected me to many different communities.”

Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer is beloved by movie audiences and is the star of more than 100 motion pictures.

“There is no such word as retirement in our business anyway, it doesn’t exist.”

Barbara Page


Artist Barbara Page was first a pilot. Her artwork is all about perspective.

“From my interest in flying, I really got interested in maps and mapping, and I feel like most of painting is kind of a mapping process.”