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Jeremy Thomas


Santa Fe’s Jeremy Thomas shares his fiery sculpture process, in a film by Ric Serena.

“One of the aspects of the work is the form, and it’s all based off of circle geometries.”

Eureka Forge Studio


Blacksmiths at Eureka Forge Studio utilize centuries-old traditions.

“From your imagination, to reality, If you can think it up, we can make it.”



Harley-Davidson is America’s oldest motorcycle company.

“The founders were working in a very small shed behind the Davidson family home. It was only 10 feet by 15 feet. But they had all of the resources that they needed–machine shops, tanneries, etc.–right in their own neighborhood. So that really helped to facilitate what they were doing.”

Andrea Li


Jewelry designer Andrea Li shares her inspiration.

“A lot of people will get inspiration from nature or a poem or a song. I get inspiration from nature, but it is in the form of beautiful, glittery gemstones.”

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