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ECHO™ for Education

Supporting and Inspiring Teachers

Child care

Effective, ready to use, and versatile tools and strategies for K-12 teachers in today’s virtual and hybrid classrooms for student engagement.

Free Online Workshops for Teachers

Teachers! Please join our virtual learning community for free professional development. Available through Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 3:30-4:30PM beginning September 21.


ECHO for Social and Emotional Learning is helping K through 12 teachers and social emotional leaders identify effective, ready to use tools and strategies.


A digital resource library with free materials from PBS LearningMedia will also be featured.

What does ECHO for Education include?

·      Timely and relevant topics - Fifteen minute presentations with links to hundreds of recordings, presentations, and tools in a digital Resource Library from experts and leading practitioners from New Mexico

·       Concrete strategies and practices ready for immediate use by teachers for student engagement and success in every aspect of today’s disrupted learning environments.

·       A community of practice that supports teachers with their problems of practice while increasing their expertise and success through ECHO for Education collaborative problem solving and mentoring.

What will teachers and staff have to gain?

·       Add resources to their toolkit and validate current best practices

·       Higher student engagement through SEL and effective distance learning activities

·       Strengthening the school community for teachers, students and families

·       Energized staff and joy of work through developing strategies for teacher self-care.

How can I get involved in ECHO?

Email asking for more details or tell us you want to be registered.

NM ECHO for Education: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum 2021-2022

09/21/2021 - Equitable culturally and linguistically relevant practices with Leslie Kelly and Ali Moore

10/5/2021 - Introduction to the NMPED SEL Framework with Leslie Kelly and Ali Moore

10/19/2020 - Increasing own self-awareness, social-awareness, and empathy, while applying these to my work with Cynthia Ramirez

11/2/2021 - Adult SEL Competencies with Cynthia Ramirez

11/16/2021 - Positive developmental relationships with Michele Hunt and Amy McConnell Franklin

12/7/2021 - Creating a positive school and classroom climate with Michele Hunt and Amy McConnell Franklin

12/21/2021 - SEL in the classroom: Intentional development of skills, mindsets, and habits - Part 1 with Jenn Chavez-Miller and Anna Kay

01/4/2022 - SEL in the classroom: Intentional development of skills, mindsets, and habits - Part 2 with Jenn Chavez-Miller and Anna Kay

01/18/2022 - TBD

02/1/2022 - TBD

02/15/2022 - TBD

03/1/2022 - TBD

03/15/2022 - TBD

04/5/2022 - TBD

04/19/2022 - TBD


For more information or help registering, please email

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