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Your NM Gov Podcast Ep 11: Is there a Nurse in the House?

YNMG ep 11 Is there a nurse in the house?

Though it may not always be front of mind for many of us anymore, we are still living in a pandemic where many people are still getting sick, being hospitalized, and sometimes dying. That has put an incredible strain on our healthcare and public health systems – and the people who work in those fields. Today on…

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Walking Back Extremism

Tony McAleer speaks on a small stage.

  Humans are peculiar. We are capable thoughts, feelings, and expressions ranging from unconditional love to insidious hate. It begs the question: where do we learn those concepts? And then: How do we unlearn them? Here is a good one: How does someone who has been a member of a group that professes hatred of other…

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