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Walking Back Extremism

  Humans are peculiar. We are capable thoughts, feelings, and expressions ranging from unconditional love to insidious hate. It begs the question: where do we learn those concepts? And then: How do we unlearn them? Here is a good one: How does someone who has been a member of a group that professes hatred of other humans leave that community and ideology behind? What are the steps? What’s the process like? Who are the people that can help them?

There is no excuse for hate and oppression. That much is very clear. However, when one recognizes the poison of their thoughts and actions, how can they walk away from beliefs that feel key to their identities? How can they move forward fully accountable for their actions? Is there potential for redemption? In episode 28, we talk with a clinical psychologist about implicit bias, counselors on how to bring back family and friends who may have gone too far down the QAnon rabbit hole. And we hear from a former white supremacist who is helping others leave those groups and shed the thoughts of hate.



  • Our guests for sharing their experience and expertise with us
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We dedicate this and every episode to the memory of Hannah Colton. We love and miss you Hannah.