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The Struggle for PFAS Pollution Accountability

New Mexico Environment Secretary James Kenney.

June 18, 2021 – After testifying at a congressional hearing on PFAS last week, New Mexico Environment Secretary James Kenney joins the show to talk about trying to pressure the federal government to set standards for exposure to the toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, remedial project manager Chris Gierke, claims the Air Force is moving forward with remediation for a PFAS plume at…

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New Mexico’s Military Legacy & PFAS Contamination

A bottle pours out a stream of water in front of a yellow-orange sky.

December 25, 2020 – One of the other top stories of 2020 for us here at NMPBS is the groundwater contamination found at as many as seven military installations in the state. Groundwater War is our ongoing investigation into PFAS chemicals, which the military has used in firefighting foams in the past. These chemicals pose…

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