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New Mexico’s Military Legacy & PFAS Contamination

December 25, 2020 – One of the other top stories of 2020 for us here at NMPBS is the groundwater contamination found at as many as seven military installations in the state. Groundwater War is our ongoing investigation into PFAS chemicals, which the military has used in firefighting foams in the past. These chemicals pose serious health risks and aren’t easy to clean up, yet the state has had a hard time getting the military to even commit to mapping the extent of the contamination. Correspondent Laura Paskus takes a closer look at how our state’s long and storied military history complicates the issue of protecting our most precious resource: water.  

Laura Paskus 

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  1. […] as affirmed by the US EPA.” PFAS groundwater contamination has been discovered within the state from as many as seven military installations. “We are able to solely make progress for communities affected by PFAS air pollution if we work […]