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Addressing Lower Graduation Rates For Young Men

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June 30, 2017 - New Mexico’s high school graduation rate rose last year, but there was a noticeable gap between male and female graduation rates, according to the Public Education Department of New Mexico.

The graduation rate for young women was 72.8 percent but for young men it was 64.8 percent. The overall state average is 71 percent.

Ezra Spitzer, from the New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks, works with disconnected kids. Lorilei Chavez is the Native American Liaison at Bernalillo High School, where she works with students and families from the nearby pueblos. And Ron Lucero is the Truancy Prevention manager for Albuquerque Public Schools. They all sat down this week with Producer Sarah Gustavus to discuss what can be done to identify students who are struggling and intervene to help them get back on track to graduate.

Preparing For The Transition From High School To College

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May 12, 2017 – The transition from high school to college is exciting and challenging for many students. This week, producer Sarah Gustavus and Max Bode, our intern this year from Amy Biehl High School, invited high school seniors and college students to join us to talk about how they prepared for life after high school.

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