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ABQ Considers Ban on Homeless Encampments

A homeless persons tent on the sidewalk in a parking lot.

8.26.2022 – Gene and the panel explore possible solutions to what appears to be an impasse on homeless encampments in the city of Albuquerque. Two months after voting to allow homeless camps, city council is considering a permanent ban. The Line Panel discusses the rationale behind that reversal and considers where our leaders could go…

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Albuquerque City Councilor Explains Votes on Homeless Camps

The skyline of downtown Albuquerque with the logo for The City of Albuquerque City Council.

8.26.2022 – Gene Grant speaks with Albuquerque’s District 4 City Councilor Brook Bassan about council’s recent votes around homeless encampments. In June, council voted to allow the creation of what they called ‘safe outdoor spaces.’ Now, in August, council has voted to stop the creation of any new homeless camps while it considers a permanent…

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