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UNM Study Hopes to Break the Cycle of Dependency Using MDMA-Assisted Therapy

4.21.23 Opioid addiction has destroyed lives and families across the country and here in New Mexico. UNM Health Sciences has been treating expectant mothers who are addicted through its Milagro Program. The goal is to break the cycle of dependency, but Dr. Larry Leeman, the program’s medical director, says methadone and buprenorphine treatments aren’t always successful. That’s why he’s leading a first-of-its-kind study aimed at addressing the underlying mental traumas that feed addiction. The program will incorporate MDMA, a drug popularly known as ecstasy or molly. As Dr. Leeman tells senior producer Lou DiVizio, when given in a controlled setting, it can help mothers overcome trauma-driven addiction and improve the bond with their child. 

Lou DiVizio 

Dr. Larry Leeman, MD, MPH, medical director, Milagro Program, UNM School of Medicine 

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