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Your NM Government: Roundhouse Update | 3.12.21

We’re now just a little over a week away from the end of the 2021 legislative session. And outside of some changes to the state’s liquor laws, and pandemic relief for New Mexico businesses, not a lot has crossed the finish line. But, no doubt we are in for a flourish of activity in the last 7 and a half days in the Roundhouse. In today’s episode we update several bills we’ve been tracking pretty closely, and discuss some measures we haven’t touched on yet at all. Here’s the rundown:

HB 211 – Redistricting Reform. This bill has largely been left behind, as Senate Bill 15 plows ahead through the legislature this year. But HB 211 was actually the direct outcome of a Redistricting Task Force created last year to make this once a decade process more fair, transparent and non-partisan. Sponsor Rebecca Dow yesterday tried to push for a vote on HB 211 on the House Floor, after it has languished in the committee process, but that tactic failed. Both HB 211 and SB 5 are scheduled to be heard today in House Judiciary. 

HJR 1 – This is the measure that would allow the state to pull money from the permanent land grant fund to pay for early childhood education programs. It was discussed in Senate Judiciary yesterday, but no vote was taken. Still, this marks a milestone, as the measure has never actually been heard in a Senate committee in the past, even though it has passed out of the House several times. 

SB 11 – This would create a clean fuel standard for New Mexico. The measure, sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart (D) passed out of the full Senate 25-14

SB 80 – This is a bill, often called The CROWN Act, which offers protections for cultural hairstyles and headdresses. The City of Albuquerque recently adopted this measure, and SB 60 would offer the same protections to New Mexico students. It passed out of the full Senate last night on a unanimous vote. (Note: in the podcast, we mistakenly identified this as SB 60. We apologize for the confusion)

The Senate is back today at 11, and the House meets at 2:30pm.


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