Young Fathers in New Mexico

Image Credit: Gil (via Flickr CC)

By Amanda Nezzie

Johnny Wilson from Young Fathers of Santa Fe, an organization that connects young fathers with resources throughout New Mexico, joins a panel discussion on teen pregnancy and young parents this week on New Mexico in Focus.  

Wilson says his program offers services “as diverse as the individuals themselves.”  That may mean supporting a young father in high school with his first child on the way or helping a father in his late teens who has multiple children and is having a hard time finding a job.

The group provides resources like peer groups, childhood and parents classes and support connecting with GED programs and job training. “This is an opportunity to recognize that young parents want to raise up their kid and not be a burden to society,” says Wilson, adding “they are young and motivated by their child.”

All young parents, including dads, face many challenges but there are resources available. The NM GRADS program is a curriculum available across the state to support young parents who are still in school.

Resources for Young Fathers

Young Fathers of Santa Fe

New Mexico GRADS+ program

¡YouthWorks!  – A non-profit, community-based organization that creates opportunities for disconnected youth and families in Northern New Mexico to become engaged and valued members of their communities.

Young Women United – Community organization that advocates for young parents.

In Albuquerque – New Futures High School




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