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Wrapping It Up | 7.25.21

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Almost exactly one year ago former executive producer Marisa Demarco and host Khalil Ekulona were developing NoMoNo using what we learned from the previous four months of covering the pandemic with the show Your New Mexico Government. You might remember, YNMG was 5 days a week. First it was an hour, then a half hour then the schedule changed up a couple of times. The pandemic was new to all of us, to every human on the planet. It was the first of many changes to our collective reality and uncertainty was the word of the time. We think the word uncertainty has been said more times on this show than our nickname, NoMoNo. Yet in those uncertain times we knew that things would not be the same. No matter when our lives got back to some semblance of normality. 

We also knew that we had to answer the call. To ask questions. Questions to public officials about the direction and effectiveness of their response to covid. Questions to activists and organizations asking who is in need of help and how can that help get to them. With a shared focus on racial justice we aired stories that examine the continuing pandmeic of racism.

Today we take a look at the past 16 months of No More Normal and share moments that stood out as we wrap up this interesting, funky show.


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NEXT WEEK: We honor the life and work of Hannah Colton. Tune in to see why she is always in our hearts. 


We dedicate this and every single episode of No More Normal to Hannah Colton. We love and miss you, Hannah.


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