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Transit Equity in Albuquerque

11.17.23 Earlier this month, city councilors voted 6-3 to keep bus fares free in Albuquerque. That’s after a report from the city’s transit department found no connection between violent crime and free rides. The decision cements what was a two-year pilot program as a permanent feature of the city’s public transportation system.   

In a segment we first ran last March, Christopher Ramírez and Althea Atherton with “Together for Brothers” talk with Laura Paskus about the city’s zero-fare program and why transit equity doesn’t just benefit those who need to take advantage of free fares on the city’s buses. 

Correspondent: Laura Paskus 

Guests: Christopher Ramírez, executive director, Together for Brothers   
Althea Atherton, bus rider organizer, Together for Brothers   

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