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The barrage of criticism continues for Governor Bill Richardson, over his endorsement of Barack Obama for the democratic nomination for President. The latest attacker? None other than former President Bill Clinton, who nominated Bill Richardson for both UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy. Ahead this week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, a closer look at Bill Richardson’s impact on the presidential race long after his decision to exit the campaign.

Also on tap this week, the state of behavioral health in New Mexico. As a state, we face a lot of challenges in the area of mental health. For instance, we rank 49th for the number of suicides per capita. There are an estimated 400,000 New Mexicans that are dealing with a susbtance abuse problem. We’ll take a closer look at the behavioral health care system in our state, and find out how it might be impacted by talk of massive health care reform.

There’s a lot more in store as well, including the belt-tightening going on at the Albuquerque City Hall, word that Mayor Martin Chavez can run for a third consecutive term in office, and the water outlook for our state as we head into the hot summer months. All this and more, Friday night at 7pm, here on KNME.