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Composite of a no symbol in front of exterior view of the Santa Fe Roundhouse.

What Failed in the 2022 Legislative Session?

2.18.2022 – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham laid out an aggressive agenda for the 2022 Legislative…

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Composite of an illustrated checkmark in front of image of the Santa Fe Roundhouse interior.

What Passed in the 2022 Legislative Session?

2.18.2022 –The 2022 Legislative Session ended at noon on Thursday, February 17th. A frantic finish…

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A black chalkboard with the word "vote" written in chalk.

Voting Reform Bills Move Forward in Legislature

2.11.2022 – A package of voting reforms might have a tough time making it through…

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A chalkboard background with a cartoon book with the word "law" printed on the front and a cartoon drawing of crime scene tape superimposed.

Corrections Staffing Crisis & Crime Bills

2.11.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel reacts to a call for help from the union…

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The silhouette of wind turbines on top of a pink and yellow sunset with the letters "H2" superimposed.

Hydrogen Bill Revived in State Legislature

2.11.2022 – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s push to make New Mexico a hub for hydrogen…

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YNMG Episode 5 - Who Gets a Vote

NM Fake Trump Electors

2.4.2022 – New Mexico is caught in the middle of an investigation into the 2020…

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A pyramid being made out of small wooden blocks with symbols related to school printed on the sides.

Addressing the Yazzie-Martinez Lawsuit

2.4.2022 – More than three years after a court ruling mandating change, the state legislature…

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A closeup of caution tape that says "Crime Scene Do Not Cross" with the shadows of people behind it.

Anti-Crime Initiatives

2.4.2022 – A package of anti-crime initiatives is gaining support in the state Legislature. Our…

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Close-up of the seal of New Mexico.

Political Maneuvering Ahead of the 2022 Election

1.27.2022 – Lawmakers are firmly focused on completing the obligations of this year’s regular session,…

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The flame from a gas burner stove.

Hydrogen Hub Development Announcement

1.27.2022 – Lawmakers are considering new legislation that would put New Mexico on a pathway…

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A piece of paper with squares and a check mark in one of them.

Reaction to Voting Reform Proposals

1.27.2022 – The Line Opinion panel reacts to our interview with Secretary of State Maggie…

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Composite of portrait of Michelle Lujan Grisham in front of a Zia sun symbol.

State of the State Pt. 4: Unity & Optimism

January 21, 2022: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham explains her mindset for 2022 and reaches across…

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A nurse gauges the blood pressure of another person.

State of the State Pt. 3: Healthcare Access

January 21, 2022: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham digs in on her plan to bring a…

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A dark image of the side of a police vehicle with lights on.

State of the State Pt. 2: Public Safety

January 21, 2022: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham hardens her stance on fighting crime, calling for…

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Composite of the Seal of New Mexico over assorted coins.

State of the State Pt. 1: Thinking Big on State Spending

January 21, 2022: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham lays out her spending priorities for the upcoming…

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Public vs. Private Utilities

January 14, 2022 – Our Line Panelists share their opinion on a study to determine…

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Coping With COVID Surge

January 14, 2022 –COVID-19 cases are surging since the introduction of the new Omicron variant.…

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State Budget Debate

January 14, 2022 –The Line Opinion Panel analyzes budget proposals from both the Governor and…

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Seal of The State of New Mexico printed on a tile floor.

Ethics Commission Effectiveness

7.29.2022 – Following a $500 fine levied to State Representative Rebecca Dow for violations committed…

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Silhouettes against a blue sky of a chain of children holding hands.

CYFD Overhaul

7.29.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel looks through the changes coming to the state’s Children,…

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A dried up Rio Grande.

Rio Grande Drying

7.29.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel explores possible solutions to a stark reality on the…

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A chalk board with the message "you are not alone!" written on it with a yellow ribbon pinned to it.

Teen Gun Access & Suicide Prevention

7.22.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel underscores the importance of the state’s new 9-8-8 crisis…

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Four nuclear smoke stacks.

Nuclear Waste Disposal Proposal

7.22.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel debates a proposal to round up nuclear waste from…

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An oil rig silhoutted against a pink and orange sunset.

NM Oil & Gas Revenues Booming

7.22.2022 – State coffers have earned an extra 1-point-7-billion-dollars in the last four months from…

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A dry landscape with a dead try and a lone raven sitting on a branch.

New Drought Research Raises Concerns for Southwest

7.15.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel reacts to new research showing how drought and rising…

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A dimly lit library.

New Ballot Proposal to Boost Education

7.15.2022  –The Line Panel explores an upcoming ballot initiative that would pull more money from…

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The Supreme Court Building with a graphic of the zia symbol superimposed.

Impact of Abortion on NM Gov. Race

7.15.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel is back to discuss how the reversal of Roe…

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A newspaper that says "Police Shooting" as the headline.

Chaves County Police Shooting Lawsuit

6.24.2022 –Attorney general Hector Balderas is investigating a deadly deputy-involved shooting that killed 34-year-old David…

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The Roundhouse.

Developments in the Race for Governor

6.24.2022 –The Panel explores the ups and downs of the Governor’s race where a new…

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Someone putting a ballot into a box that says "County of Otero."

Otero County Election Certification

6.24.2022 –The Line Opinion Panel reacts to the recent developments in Otero County where commissioners…

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A gun and a gavel.

Bipartisan Agreement on Gun Legislation

6.17.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel assesses a bipartisan plan to address gun violence that…

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The word "election" written out on colorful cards and pinned to the wall.

Otero County Chaos & Local Primary Results

6.17.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel dives into the chaos in Otero County where commissioners…

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A portrait of President Joe Biden.

President Biden Visits NM

6.17.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel reacts to President Biden’s weekend visit to our state.…

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A pile of buttons that say "midterm election" with american flag colors and designs.

General Election Preview

6.9.2022 –The Line Opinion Panel looks ahead to the general election. Panelists explore Republican Nominee…

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A ripped up piece of paper that says "primary elections" sitting on a newspaper.

Primary Election Analysis

6.9.2022 –New Mexico voters had their say at the polls this week. Our Line Opinion…

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A small sign on the side of the road that says "flood."

Flooding Concerns Following Historic Fires

6.9.2022 –The Line Opinion Panel discusses the lingering threat of flooding in parts of the…

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