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July 27, 2018 – A judge ruled last week that New Mexico is not adequately funding schools and meeting the needs of its most vulnerable students. Judge Sarah Singleton gave state officials a deadline in spring 2019 to address issues in schools across the state. The lawsuit argued that the state’s public education system is not meeting constitutional requirements to provide equal education to all students. The lawsuit highlighted the needs of several groups, including Native Americans, English language learners and students with disabilities.

Host Gene Grant and our Line panelists discuss the ruling this week and what might happen when a new governor takes office in January.

Line Panelists:

Merritt Allen, owner and executive director, Vox Optima LLC

Viki Harrison, director of state operations, Common Cause

Andy Lyman, reporter, NM Political Report

Dan McKay, reporter, Albuquerque Journal

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  1. Susan Meyerer on August 3, 2018 at 10:22 am

    I like this conversation — especially the statement: Find someone who’s doing it well and talk to them about it. What are the ‘fixes:? I am a 30-year educator/teacher/grant writer in New Mexico. I was nominated and achieved NM’s Teacher of the Year award from KOAT-TV and the Governor of NM. The reason I became a great NM teacher from beginning in Zuni, NM to rural education in Moriarty and Cimarron, and charter schools with East Mountain High School is a program called the Center for Teaching Excellence. It was a program out of Eastern NM University in which teachers received $3,000 grants to study their own classrooms and invest in their ideas that were working for NM. Then they shared them in a statewide conference. I learned to write grant proposals, fund innovations, study these innovations through practitioner/action research in my own classrooms, and share them statewide. “Taking innovations that work and making sure the money is spent wisely. I also learned from others. The whole program which lasted for 15 years cost 260,000/year. The legislative funding was cut when education turned to testing. Yes, testing and especially PARCC needs to go. Also Merritt Allen — I met you at Honey Bear’s Café in Cedar Crest — I was your waitress with the sunflower in her hair — I would love to talk with you and in focus on innovations that have worked IN NEW MEXICO. For example, Eagle Nest has a community-based education program that is getting great results and involves the whole community; Pecos uses the ACT program with its students who consistently achieve college credit while in high school. Just FYI, I also wrote grant proposals for CNM and UNM directed at education. Please contact me if you are interested in a conversation. I’m willing to volunteer my time and expertise to make NM’s education system work for the diverse students in our state. We can be a model for other states with diverse populations — we have the talent, need/opportunity to do this. Thank you for this program and your time. I appreciate everything you said here. Susan Meyerer