The Line: Tiny Home Village Proposal Meets With Opposition

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August 17, 2018 – The city of Albuquerque is proposing a tiny home village for people experiencing homelessness and has chosen six possible sites for the project. Significant pushback for the project, however, has already been voiced by some local residents.

Producer Sarah Gustavus and the Line opinion panelists debate the pros and cons of the plan and possible solutions to address homelessness in Albuquerque.

Line Panelists:

Merritt Allen, Vox Optima LLC

Dan Boyd, capitol bureau chief, Albuquerque Journal

Carolyn Carlson, reporter, The Weekly Alibi

Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney at Cuddy and McCarthy, LLP

1 thought on “The Line: Tiny Home Village Proposal Meets With Opposition

  1. ‘The SE Quadrant has a history of housing a lot of that stuff’ is absolutely incorrect. There are zero services for the homeless at Tramway and Historic Route 66. There are no jobs there. Vagrancy, crime and panhandling have gotten out of control since the bus turn around was added to the Singing Arrow Park area. The ‘problem’ is there because the city is literally sending the problem there 150 buses at a time. The east gateway was promised redevelopment and will fight these attempts to convert it to a homeless quadrant instead.

    And for the record, Debbie O’Malley was booed at the community meeting when she was announced as the spearhead for the Tiny Home Village project. Not even remotely attacked.

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