The Line: School-Based Health Clinics Face Potential Funding Cuts

March 4, 2016 – Health clinics in schools across the state are facing potential funding cuts. The state department of health is expected to cut at least 300 thousand dollars in funding for the program, according to local media reports.

School-based health centers provide many services, including primary care and behavioral health services to students who might otherwise not be able to access medical care in rural areas or neighborhoods where there aren’t many providers.

The New Mexico Department of Health is currently looking to cut over 11 million dollars across the department, but the final decision about cuts has not yet been made.

This week, host Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists debate whether school-based health centers are working in communities across the state.

Eddy Aragon, CEO, “The Rock of Talk,” Fox News ABQ 95.9 FM
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of
Antoinette Sedillo López, executive director of Enlace Comunitario

1 thought on “The Line: School-Based Health Clinics Face Potential Funding Cuts

  1. Please ask Dan Foley to cite specific examples of of this epidemic of parents not being notified about children being seen in school clinic. Typical TeaOP tatic of creating a crisis without backing it up with data.

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